4′ Japanese Charcoal Kiln Direct method

japanese charcoal direct method

This is a 4′ diameter steel kiln patterned after Japanese charcoal kilns. It utilizes the hot flue gases from an external fire to char the wood. It can be built from commonly available materials. This method can expand to bigger if you want and have enough wood . start your small charcoal business this way maybe a good start

Kiln assembled before installing .

Front view showing fire box   Underside of steel top

Landscape timber enclosure

Kiln inside the enclosure and dirt being added. Dirt is an insulator.

Dirt all filled in.

Front view


Raw material. Pine block scraps from a local sawmill.

Loading the kiln

Continue loading. Steel center support.

All loaded up

Dirt is piled on top for insulation and stats cooking.

Reading the rising temperature in two places

Finished. Run was too cool (300C) and not long enough. Not bad charcoal but a third not charred.

Some charred all the way through

Some did not   next time need to burn more wood to reach higher temperature make it char all the way thru There are alot of other testing charcoal making method , both direct and indirect . you can check it out on my blog thanks for reading .

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