55 gallon drum burn making charcoal direct method

Close up of one of the vents. Place 4 of them around the perimeter

A little on the high side. Use the air inlets to keep it around 1000F

Experimenting with different size chimneys.

Notice how the smoke from the small chimney is denser? Flow rate of the gases escaping is an important factor. You want as much of the volatile compounds to carbonize into the charcoal. A faster flow rate allows more of them to escape.

From big chimney. Softer more crumbly charcoal.

From small chimney. Denser charcoal

some questions and answer about making charcoal in a 55 gallon drum using direct burn charcooal making method

how long did it take to make charcoal in the paint can ?

answer : 

It took about 45 minutes.
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source: http://www.katanabuilders.com/katanablog/charcoal/?album=2&gallery=4

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