Charcoal Briquetting Machine Screw Type Small Size

Charcoal Briquetting Machine Process Introduction


BBQ charcoal briquetting machine is also known as Coal Powder Briquette Machine or charcoal extruder. With varied moulds, our machines can be used to extrude charcoal stick and biomass stick of different diameters (ranging from 15mm to 65mm) in cylinder or square shape without hole. Charcoal/coal powder and charcoal dust are both appropriate materials. For some materials with poor viscosity, binder is needed in the briquetting process for better shaping.

Charcoal Powder Briquette Machine Introduction
Charcoal powder briquette machine is also called carbon powder briquette machine, carbon powder extruder, which is a charcoal briquette forming machine whose raw material is firstly carbonized. The biomass materials including sawdust, wood shavings ,rice husk, peanut shell, bamboo shavings, etc are firstly processed in the carbonization furnace for 8-12 hours. After they are fully carbonized, the carbon powder will be sent into briquette machine to form into different shape charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes can be used as industrial carbon, home heating carbon, BBQ charcoal, etc.

Charcoal Powder Briquette Machine Features
1. The material is first to be carbonized, then made into charcoal briquettes which makes the flowchart more simple.
2. The service life of machines’ spare parts becomes much longer: from 40 hours-4000 hours.
3. 60% electricity are saved. 
4. Easier operation
5. Carbon quality has greatly improved.

Video of this charcoal briquette machine while working


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Than nhãn


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Than vỏ cây


than đước

1.1 Introduction

The raw material comes from small size waste charcoal broken in storage or while

transportation, or comes from charcoal chunk after biomass burned. With charcoal

press machine, the waste charcoal chunk can be made into different shape of

charcoal briquettes (small round, cube shape etc) to be recycled as fuel or for BBQ

use etc. Before briquetting, Binders are used, and the yield will be 100% of charcoal

dust / chunks / waste pieces of charcoal.

Charcoal Extruder Charcoal Extruder Machine Coal powder briquettes
Operating Cylinder Shape
Hexagon shape Briquette Square shape charcoal Briquette Fingure charcoal Briquettes
Hexagon Shape Briquette
Square Shape Briquettes
Fingure Charcoal Briquettes

1.2 Process Flow For Charcoal briquetting Plant (for reference)

Raw Material→ Grind milling → Mixing with binder → Conveyor →charcoal press

→Dryer (Not available) →Packing(Not available)→ Storage

This machine can be used to extrude charcoal stick of different diameter (diameter range:

15-65mm) in cylinder or square shape with or without hole through different moulds from

charcoal dust. But you have to add binder into the charcoal dust to extrude briquette.

Technical data and price:

Output:150 kg/h(for diameter 30mm briquette)

200 kg/h(for diameter 40mm briquette)

250 kg/h(for diameter 50mm briquette)

Power: 7 kw (Main motor 5.5 kw + Briquette breaker 1.5kw)

Diameter of finished charcoal stick: 22-65mm

Overall size: 1300*800*1600mm

Packing size:1550*1310*1360mm

Weight: 800KGS


Tear and Wear Parts

One year Tear and Wear Parts

Briquette size 30- 50mm(diameter or diagonal)

Total cost: USD660 (Including the following items)

(1) ** Inner wear sleeve **

Life of Inner wear sleeve: 10-20 Tons

Material: wear-resistant manganese steel

Price: USD 25/pcs *2pieces=USD50

(2) ** Forming/MouldingٛCylinder **

Life of Forming/MouldingٛCylinder:3


Price: USD 170/pcs * 2pieces=USD 340

(3) ** Propeller/screw **

Price: USD 90/pcs * 3 pieces= USD270

Material: carbon steel conditioned by

carburizing and quenching.

Front part of screw made of high

temperature wear-resistant alloy

Payment Terms

50% down payment by T/T, 50% balance by T/T

before shipping

Delivery Time: 20-30 days after getting first down payment

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