Mobile Adam Retort Charcoal Kiln – Mobile Charcoal Kiln

mobile adam-retort charcoal kilnmobile adam-retort charcoal kiln
mobile adam-retort charcoal kiln

Dr. Adam and his partners was made an successfully Adam Retort charcoal kiln which is suitable for small and medium size business to make clean, cheap charcoal . Now he improved it by made the Adam retort charcoal kiln mobility.

The kiln is fully road tow able and easy to get to site to process your wood charcoal.
Dr. Chris Adam was just emailed me said that he developed an unique new system for a more environmentally friendly charcoal production:
the “mobile adamretort
It saves up to 1/2 of wood needed compared to traditional carbonization, burns most of smoke with up to 75% reduction of harmful greenhouse emission.

mobile adam retort charcoal kiln
mobile adam retort charcoal kiln

Photo 1) The “mobile adam-retort” can be handled by only one person, estimated weight about 140kg
(On the right side you see a fixed masonry “adam-retort” which has been in operation since 8 years)

Photo 2) Capacity of 2 wood chambers about 430 litres which can take ~150kg of wet wood, or ~120kg of wood without water, Expected charcoal output about ~35kg per batch. Operation time about 5 hours, cooling occurs over night. This amounts to a daily batch production.

Photo3) It is easy to load  wood into the tilted retort (90°)- this actually makes it fun to load the unit….

Photo 3) Burning of wood gas in the external fire box- which starts about after the 3rd hour of wood drying .
We have achieved rather smokeless carbonization, low emissions!
At last a more environmentally friendly production of charcoal for fuel and biochar !


-Please note
The “mobile adam-retort” is designed for factory fabrication for a significant number of production units.
(The fixed masonry “adam-retort” can be built individually by a mason)

-however the fabrication of such a “mobile adam-retort” made from metal should be crafted by a professional metal worker with a well equipped metal workshop.
So if you are a farmer, a permaculturalist, biochar user, a NGO staff person, don’t come to me and ask for drawings and my advice how to build this retort.      No, please find an individual, an entrepreneur,  who will be interested in manufacturing a whole series of these mobile retorts and who will be willing to be a country’s representative.
This “mobile Adam-retort” is registered for patent application !    Patent pending, all rights reserved.

Watch this video to see how mobile Adam-retort for charcoal works:

Please notes that this mobile adam-retort charcoal kiln is not yet ready for sale. This is just a prototype. The kiln itself not easy to build and it’s not for free. if you interested in this kiln. Please contact Dr. Adam

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