Trailer mounted bigsize charcoal Kiln portable

EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT open and full of firewood

This charcoal kiln is good for making charcoal by save alot of labour and time collect wood logs. This retort is a comercial product from

The Exeter Retort is designed to be mobile so it could be shared between a number of woodland enterprises or sites. Notice how little smoke is being produced with the retort up and running

The Exeter Charcoal Retort produces very high quality barbecue charcoal or biochar in a fraction of the time taken by a traditional ring kiln. It also cuts harmful emissions by approximately 75%

The Exeter Retort is easy to handle, and can be towed on a compact trailer from site to site. This allows both time and diesel savings because it can be towed to the wood stacks rather than the present method of hauling the wood to the kiln site. Another huge saving is made by improving the wood to charcoal conversion rate from 7:1 to 4:1, with each burn effectively taking 19 hours from loading to emptying versus 48 hours with the metal ring kilns. Another big advantage, especially for us, is the opportunity to use low grade hazel cut to 2m lengths of which we have a lot!

The advantages of this retort over a ring kiln are:

  • Short burn time – can be as little as 4 hours from lighting to shut down.
  • Fully transportable – trailer mounted (optional).
  • Can pyrolise any type of wood – logs to twigs.
  • Cleaner in operation – up to 75% fewer pollutants released.
  • More efficient – 100% of wood is pyrolised. No ash or waste.
  • Temperature readout – Integrated digital thermometer.
  • Large retort chamber – 1.7 cubic metres.
  • Easy access – retort and firebox doors at both ends.
  • Easy to operate – no special skills required.
EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT method
EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT method

The retort was carefully designed & computer modelled to ensure that it burned off harmful particles & emissions by ducting the hot gases around & back into the retort.

EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT open and full of firewood
EXETER charcoal making kiln RETORT open and full of firewood


When the subject wood is first heated, it enters the endothermic stage. This is where external energy (combustion in fire box) is required to start the process. During this stage, steam is given off. As the temperature rises, wood gases becomes mixed with the steam. This ‘dirty’ stage only lasts approx. 30 minutes.

burning gases

When the temperature reaches 375ºC, the steam has reduced & the gases, when diverted into the firebox, ignite. This is referred to as the exothermic or retorting stage, where the ignited gas jets are sufficient to complete the process of pyrolysation with no additional external energy.

By using a combination of adjusting the gaps of the firebox doors & the chimney butterfly valve, the temperature is kept below 500ºC during the retorting stage.

Video Clips of the Charcoal kiln when operate



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